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Professional Property Management & Investment Real Estate 

For 35 years, Schaeffer & Associates, LLC., a family owned Professional Property Management Company, has been dedicated to providing quality apartment living at an affordable price. We are one of the few remaining companies dedicated to providing professional, on-site management to assist our residents and preserve our properties. With our own property maintenance staff, we strive to provide excellent service for our residents. Promptly and effectively attending to maintenance issues saves money and time and preserves resident retention. We maintain a superb relationship with our contractors and vendors: all are screened and fees are negotiated prior to beginning the working relationship. Our portfolio includes properties as small as 2 units and as large as 128 units; suburban and inner city properties; 1920's architecture as well as modern construction. We also manage premier commercial properties with individual access suites and multiple tenant buildings. In all our practices, we remember our duties to clients' as our highest priority. 

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